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How to Join the Windows Lounge
The Windows Lounge features the lighter side of Windows 7. It’s a secure group on Facebook – you need a Microsoft email address to join! Come for Tips n Tricks, fun videos and to share your thoughts on Windows 7.
Follow these 3 easy steps to join:
Join Facebook
You’ll need a Facebook account if you don’t already have one.
Sign up at
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Join the Microsoft Network
The Microsoft Network secures access to Microsoft staff only.
  • Log onto Facebook, select "Settings"
  • On the Networks tab type "Microsoft" in the Network Name box
  • Select Microsoft from the list and enter your Microsoft address
  • Click the link in the confirmation email
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Join the Windows Lounge
  • Click the Join Windows Lounge link
  • Enter your Facebook info
  • Click "Request To Join" under the Lounge logo
  • Join the Windows Lounge.
How to Join the Group
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